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CBD Supplements: A Ball of confusion

CBD4a_thumb.jpgAre Hemp CBDs legal?

Scientific discussions begin with careful definitions of the matters under study. Most definitions of the genus Cannabis describe 2 or at the most 3 species, Sativa, Indica, & Ruderalis. As it turns out there is a variant of Cannabis called Cannabis Sativa L which is commonly called Industrial Hemp. According to FDA, Sativa L products containing less than .3% THC are legal in all 50 US States. For a clear explanation of this issue, see

Since less than .3% THC is not psychoactive, Hemp extracts with large % of CBD, the most medicinal cannabinoid, are logically legal as well since there is no High or Lift associated with their use. In spite of this fact, many folks are afraid to use these safe and effective products for fear of arrest. One of my followers is sure that if he were caught with CBD supplements without a prescription, he would be subject to arrest. He lives in PA, a recent MMJ state still getting started.

 Do Hemp CBD products really work?DoseResponse1_thumb.jpg

Surprisingly the FDA sent letters to manufacturers who were selling CBD products without any CBD in them in both 2015 and 2016  So it’s important to check for Certificates or Authenticity before buying  them. Clearly, Faux CBD products without real CBD in them are a scam.

When one looks at online sites like Amazon, there is another source of confusion, Hemp Seed products. As it turns out, using hemp seeds requires processing huge amounts of seed material to make the oil. In addition, the seeds don’t have the full plant profile with all the terpenes and other cannabinoids found in Hemp CBD full plant extractions. I tested several Hemp seed formulas early this year and found that they did not work for me at all.

Finally, many producers begin with highly concentrated CBD crystal (99.6% pure). On first thought that sounds like a good idea, except that recent Israeli research found CBD supplements also benefit from the “entourage effect” with full plant extracts needing lower doses to work well. Another study found CBD isolates have a bell-shaped dose response curve meaning that efficacy declined after a peak, but full plant extracts showed no decline, just a leveling at some point.


Minimum Effective Dose Issues, Product Strength and Cost

In our early research with isolates from Green Roads, we discovered that MED was close to 10mg CDB. Once we shifted to full plant extracts, the MED was almost 1/2 of the isolate dose. On a Green Flower media streaming class we learned to stomach acid renders CBD supplements inactive making pills a poor route of administration.

Most of our use has been via mixing tinctures of oil or alcohol or paste (hemp oil) with a dab of honey to override the slightly medicinal taste. Bioavailability with sublingual is adequate but not exceptional as cannabinoids are lipids, not water-soluble. Most recently our supplier has developed a water-soluble version of a full plant extract that is very bioavailable and works in less than 30 seconds!

My review of CBD online sites typically finds an entry-level bottle with something like 100-200mg CBD (often an isolate) selling for $29-$39. More concentrated CBD supplements 1000mg or more sell for well over $100. One of my twitter friends posted a tweet with an Iinstagram link to their products. The only comment was a question about Affiliate Marketing noting that the prices were too high for regular use.

Our mission at CannaProsCoop is to give readers reliable information and high quality CBD supplements at affordable prices. For US orders, see CannaProsCoop.US for international sales see Our products all have certificates of authenticity and a 100% money back guarantee. I fully expect the American Hemp market to keep expanding with both CA and MI removing all regulations from Industrial Hemp in the November election. For now, I strongly recommend high quality EU hemp full plant extracts for best wellness results.